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Guar gum powder is a significant product that is derived from the seeds of the guar plant; it comes with various usages and applications. Guar gum powder works as a thickening and stabilizing agent extracted from the guar bean. Guar plants have a massive endosperm which consists of galactomannan gum that creates a gel-like structure in water. This guar powder is extensively used in food manufacturing and industrial units. This range of Guar Gum Powder manufactured by us is available in various viscosities and granulometries as per the required viscosity development and applications.

Guar gum powder is considered the best additive as compared to various other thickening agents. It is white to yellowish-white in color and basically is tasteless and almost odorless. Guar gum powder comes in various types and grades as per the specific requirement; it is mainly derived into two types that are industrial grade guar gum powder and food grade guar gum powder.

The industrial grade guar gum powder acts as an outstanding component for oil-drilling, mud-drilling, and other fluids-drilling because of its special properties. The food-grade guar gum powder is used in various food manufacturing and processing industries such as frozen food products, gluten-free products, baked-food products, dairy industries, confectionery, etc.

Quality Testing of Guar Gum Powder Standards:

Our team conducts testing at every stage to ensure the best quality guar gum powder.
The quality standards of this product include the following factors:

Size of the Particle


Acidic Insoluble Residue







Gum Content


Fat Content



Importance and Uses of Guar Gum Powder:

The guar plant is a significant product because it is a natural polymer and a source of nutrition to both humans as well as animals. Guar plants are used for both human consumption as well as cattle feeding. In addition to being utilized for human consumption and cattle feed, guar gum powder is also used in various industrial applications like cosmetics, diary industries, frozen foods, baked food products, confectionary, and pharmaceuticals.

For Human Consumption:

Guar is used as a vegetable and small pods are dried and preserved for future use

Mature seeds of the guar plant are utilized as a pulse in times of drought

It can be dried and fried like chips

For Cattle Feed:

Guar plants are cut and fed as green scavenge

Its leaves can be fed to heal night blindness

Guar seeds can be utilized as a laxative

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Physical Attributes

Guar gum powder is white to white-yellowish in appearance; it is tasteless and almost odorless.

Guar gum powder is processed into diverse types in accordance with required viscosity grades and mesh sizes.

Easily soluble in cold and hot water, it creates a gel formation of high viscosity.

Guar gum solutions are steady in pH, which consists of galactose and mannose units; its ability to hydrate makes it an essential ingredient in various food manufacturing and industrial units.

Guar gum powder has excellent water-binding ability.

This guar gum powder with solutions can be utilized as a stabilizer and emulsifier because they are resistant to oil, grease, and other solvents.

Guar gum powder can also be utilized as a suspension preservative.

Guar gum powder is a natural high-molecular-mass hydro-colloidal polysaccharide consisting of galactose and mannose units.

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Industrial Grade Guar Gum

It is used in food manufacturing units such as instant noodles, processed meat products, ice creams, confections, dairy products, and baked food items because of its thickening and emulsifying properties.

There are various grades and standards of guar gum powder that are used in mining and construction, oil and mud drilling paper, printing, textiles, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries

Range of Guar Gum Powder Offered:

Since our inception, we have been continuously working hard with a lot of inspiration, reliability, and trust in the enlargement of our finely manufactured products. Our team has persistently been improvising the methods and technologies employed in the manufacturing of the best quality products offered by us; this is the reason for numerous clients around the world. With the stringent policies that we practice, we ensure that all our offered products meet the set international quality standards.

Industrial Grade Guar Gum Powder

We have been the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial-grade guar gum powder in India and have gained massive recognition and appreciation worldwide offering high-quality products as per the set standards. It is a white to cream color powder that is derived by crushing the seeds of guar plants. This range of industrial-grade guar gum powder has various exceptional properties and it is an essential product in numerous industries because it acts as a natural stabilizer, hydrocolloid, thickener, gelling agent, emulsifier, bonding agent, natural fiber, and fracture agent.

Food Grade Guar Gum Powder

Ashapura Proteins Ltd. is the most prominent manufacturer of premium quality food-grade guar gum powder that meets all the food-grade standards and specifications. Food-grade guar gum powder is a natural polymer and completely vegan which is manufactured by pulverizing the dried guar plant’s pods into a fine powder. It is a natural viscosifying and thickening additive utilized to enhance the consistency and texture of food items and beverages. In addition to that, it is also used as a binding and gelling agent to improve the quality and mouth feel of food items.

Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder

We provide the finest quality fast hydration guar gum powder worldwide. Our brand is the most recognized worldwide in terms of innovation, quality, and versatile products. It is a type of guar gum powder that is quickly soluble in water which makes it the most preferred choice in a variety of industrial applications. It is a popular choice in the food industry also because of its exceptional thickening properties. We ensure that this powder can rapidly thicken and dissolve in water or other liquids which makes it an ideal ingredient for utilization in a range of products.