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Guar Gum Powder Manufacturer in India

Guar gum is a significant product derived from the seeds of the guar plant; this guar plant is mainly grown in India. The manufacturing process of guar gum consists of various steps to ensure this incredible product is produced and processed carefully so that it can broad range of applications in various industries such as food, cosmetics, paper, textile, and pharmaceuticals. These steps are included to enhance the efficiency, steadiness, and flavor of the guar gum powder, and it best suits in variety of applications.

The guar gum manufacturing stages include milling, deodorization, sifting, hydrolysis, and chemical modification; these processes can be done separately or combined as per the requirement. Our high-tech manufacturing unit is well-outfitted with the most advanced machinery and mill with the latest techniques to manufacture powders with excellence, superior water absorption, better colloid structure, and increased stability that cater to the requirements of food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

The manufacturing process of guar gum powder includes the following stages:

  • Firstly, guar seed pods are dried and then they are thrashed to get seeds from them. After that, these gathered guar seeds are processed in the manufacturing unit. In addition to that, after thrashing these guar pods the by-products are used for cattle feeding.
  • In the next stage, these guar seeds are crushed and the germs are separated, which contains Galactomannan.
  • After separating the endosperm and germs are removed, polished guar splits are acquired.
  • These polished guar splits are crushed and processed using customized techniques for specific grade guar gum for usage in required industries.
  • After crushing the seeds, sifting is done to obtain the required mesh size of particles.
  • This sieved guar gum obtained after sifting is then passed via the blenders to make it fine powder and after it is filled for marketing.
  • This produced guar gum is then processed to make white to yellowish-white powder as per the consuming industrial quality specifications and grade standards. It is utilized worldwide in this form only.