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Frequently Asked Questions

Gum Poweder The guar or cluster bean is an annual legume and its botanical name is Cyamopsis tetragonoloba. It is the source of guar gum and it is also known as gawar or guvar bean. Guar plants are grown in semiarid regions and frequent rainfall is also necessary for well growth of guar plants.
Gum Poweder Supplier Guar gum powder is a gel-forming additive that is extracted from the seed of the guar plant. It is utilized to thicken items and at present it is also used as a dietary supplement because of its various benefits. Guar gum powder is mainly used in food and industrial applications.
Gum Poweder Manufacturer Various industrial applications of guar gum powder are possible due to its ability to form hydrogen bonding. Guar gum powder is mainly used as a stabilizer, thickener, emulsifier, bonding, and viscosity-controlling agent because of its in-built properties.
Gum Poweder Supplier Guar gum powder is a white to yellowish-white product and is almost tasteless as well as odorless. It has high viscosity control and forms a gel-like structure when added to water. The properties of guar gum powder can be altered by changing its particle size and its degree of hydrolysis and substitution.
Gum Poweder Exporter We offer the following mentioned guar gum powder: Industrial grade guar gum, Food grade guar gum powder, and Fast hydration guar gum powder.
Food-grade guar gum powder is mainly used in baked food products, gluten-free baked foods, frozen foods, food preservatives, dairy products, instant food products, pet foods, and beverages.
Industrial-grade guar gum powder is extensively used in the paper industry, textile industry, oil & gas drilling, explosives industry, pharmaceutical, mining & construction, cosmetic industries, and many other industries as per requirements.
The utilization of guar gum powder is rapidly increasing in a variety of industries because it can be used as a stabilizer, natural thickener, emulsifier, gelling agent, hydrocolloid, natural fiber, flocculants, and bonding agent. These amazing inherent properties of guar gum powder have made them a significant product in food as well as industrial applications. Guar gum powder is highly soluble in both hot and cold water and insoluble in most organic solvents. It provides amazing stabilizing, thickening, and film-forming because of its well-built hydrogen bonding features.
India is the largest exporter of guar gum in the world and the various other countries exporting guar gum powder are USA, Pakistan, Germany, Morocco, France, Italy, Greece, and Spain.
The major guar gum importing countries are Brazil, Japan, Australia, Canada, China, United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Mexico, and Sweden.
The speed of the manufacturing machines in the paper industry is highly pressurized and the probability of breakages is high in such conditions. The industrial grade guar gum powder helps in easy and hassle-free production by increasing the properties of the paper and also helps in maintaining chemicals and other small particles.