Thin Boiling Starch Powder

is a brand name and reputed company in this domain for offering superior quality Thin Boiling Starch Powder which is appropriate for sizing and finishing operations in textile industry. This offered Starch Powder is processed below the supervision of our experienced professionals keeping in mind definite industry set standards. These formed Thin Boiling Starch Powder has a low and uniform viscosity, which does not change much with temperature. Thin Boiling Starch Powder is widely used in textile industry and it is efficiently processed by acid addition to the native starch slurry.

Thin Boiling Starch Textiles

We are using natural ingredients while preparing this Starch Powder, which is a customized starch formulation with prohibited glueyness and additional strong film properties. This starch finds its uses extensively in the field of paper (coating & sizing). Even helps in improving wax pick, gloss smoothness of paper by forming strong and elastic film on fiber. Free from impurities, accurate formulation, long shelf life, easy or harmless to use are some of the characteristic features of this Thin Boiling Starch Powder. Our Thin Boiled Starch, Thin Boiling Starch Textiles is cautiously and completely customized by our professionals beneath eye of professionals. It is normally used as a coating agent for binding the pigment layer to lift-up the printability of the paper.

Thin Boiling Starch Powder

Textile Starch Sizing Manufacturer

Features of Thin Boiling Starch Powder

  • Outstanding film forming property improves board quality
  • Outstanding adhesive property
  • Improves stiffen
  • Better penetration to form deeper fiber-tearing bonds with minimal stack cure time
  • Quick drying property
  • No wastage so it is cost effective

Application of Thin Boiling Starch Powder

  • Textiles Industry
  • Bio-fuel Application
  • It uses as a coating agent for binding the pigment layer applied on the paper for improving the printability
  • It used in surface sizing improving bursting, folding endurance and tensile strength supplementing the beating operations