Spray Starch Craft Paper

is the brand name well-known in the market for offering the finest quality of Spray Starch Craft Paper which is having balanced composition of moisture content, protein, PH and other things, and our Spray Starch is very effective and reasonably priced. The outstanding strength properties of our Spray Starch are divulged in kraft paper / board paper machines and paper making conditions. We have the capability to deliver both retail, as well as mass orders on time. The starch used in the paper making industry in essentially to augment the bonding strength of plain white paper and paperboard.

We are Spray Starch Manufacture & Suppliers of Spray Starch Craft Paper which is used as glue in ply bond multi-layer board paper. It improves the internal bonding strength of the paper. This technique which is intermediate between wet end addition and surface sizing is an economical way to augment the strength of paper. It gets better the strength, paper quality and also brightens it. We provide some of the most efficient starches to enlarge the strength of the paper.

Spray Starch Craft Paper

Spray Starch Manufacturer

Features of Spray Starch Craft Paper

  • Carbon paper manufacturing, abrasives and in dry distemper
  • Machine labeling of tins, cartons, packages, envelopes, corrugated boxes etc
  • Also used by crackers manufacturer due to its adhesive properties & also explosive character
  • In Paper tubes and Paper cones
  • In book-binding, carton sealing, cigarette pasting, match-head & match box making

Application of Spray Starch Craft Pape

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Adhesive Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Packaging
  • Chemical & Dyes Industry