Maize Starch Powder Manufcaturer in india

We are a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Maize Starch Powder which is a white unscented powder processed from selected maize seeds. The manufactured Maize Starch Powder widely used in textile, food processing and paper industries as a best binder, thickener, filler, and stabilizer. The offered Maize Starch Powder is completely free from adulterants, musty dirt or any other types of extraneous matter. This offered Maize Starch Powder is insoluble in cold water and alcohol. Moreover the offered Maize Starch Powder has gained many accolades for high competence and long shelf life.

We are engaged in offering the basic unmodified starches for general-purpose use, the specialization lies in creating starches designed to suit specific and unique customer needs. Starch is the main carbohydrate nutrient from diverse sources of vegetation. Maize or Corn Starch Powder is white, fragrance-free and flavorless, which is extracted from kernel of maize/ corn. It is broadly worn as a thickener and a stiffening agent with frequent industrial applications. We can offer the correct starch solution depending upon the specific function desired.

Corn Starch Powder manufacturers in india

Maize/Corn Starch Powder Manufacturer

Features of Maize Starch Powder

  • Low Moisture Content
  • High Purity
  • Good Adhesive Property
  • Stable Viscosity
  • High Freeze - thaw stability
  • Neutral Taste
  • Excellent Thickening agent

Applications of Maize Starch Powder

  • Paper & Packaging Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Adhesive Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry