Cationic Starch Chemical Powder

Empowered with rich industrial experienced team of experts we are considered to be leading manufacturer and supplier of Cationic Starch Craft Paper. This manufactured Cationic Starch Craft Paper is a common wet-end additive in the paper industry that is widely used to develop preservation and dry strength of the finished paper. At the offered Cationic Starch is most costly chemical used in the paper mill. It is even widely used in coating and as calendar starch. While making the cationic starch the starch is heated with a quaternary amine chlorohydrin in the presence of an alkali metal oxide or hydroxide. Besides again adding an alkaline earth oxide or hydroxide and maintaining the mixture for a time and at a temperature sufficient to complete the reaction, neutralizing filtering, washing and recovering the cationic starch product.

Our manufactured starch powder can be availed at the best price compared to our competitors engaged in manufacturing the powder. We are hugely demanded in the market by the huge number of paper industry established in the industrial market. These offered Cationic Starch Craft paper which plays an important role in the making of a sheet of paper having a major influence on the paper retention formation and the paper strength characteristics as well as significantly improving machine runnability.

cationic starch Craft paper

Cationic Starch Craft Paper

Cationic Starch Chemical Powder Exporter

Features of Cationic Starch Craft Paper

  • Improves retention and drainage
  • Increased Sheet Strength properties
  • Unique Performance for specialty papers
  • Reduced dusting and linting
  • Increased sizing, reduced size addition
  • Increases machine speeds

Application of Cationic Starch Craft paper

  • Paper Mill Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Food Industry